Safety Matters

Alta Mere’s car safety solutions have the ability to help you be a safer driver. Whether you have a family you regularly transport around town or you have a teen driver you are trying to keep safe on the roads, our car safety solutions can help.

Why it’s Important

Distracted driving is one of the biggest threats on the road, and with more gadgets than ever, it is important to take extra precautions. Something as simple as an integrated device can work to combat these potentially dangerous driving threats.



Text Block Device

services-2 Just as the name suggests, this device enables texting to be safely controlled in driving situations.

Blind Spot Indicators

services-3 For a vivid display of what’s happening behind your vehicle, you can back up your vehicle with ease.

Blue Tooth Systems

services-4 A Bluetooth system allows you to connect to your cell phone in your car while keeping your eyes on the road.

Cell Phone Blocking

services-5 Cell Phone blocking prohibits you from receiving or making outgoing calls on your cell phone while driving so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

Video Recording

services-4 Record your adventures on the road or maintain an archive of work or transportation routes.

Headlight Restoration

TintedcarAlta Mere offers professional Headlight Restoration as an affordable solution for headlight wear.

Day Time Lights

services-1 With daytime running lights, vehicles are seen earlier and recognized better by others on the road, which increases reaction time.

Collision Avoidance

services-3 Collision-avoidance technology is no longer the domain of expensive luxury cars or high-end trim levels — or even new cars, for that matter.