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In the heat of summer, we’re sure you remembered basic vehicle maintenance tips for helping your car deal with sunlight and increasing temperatures. The rising mercury level in your thermometer isn’t the only thing that makes summer so hard on your vehicle.  Summer weather brings extreme temperatures and heavy thunderstorms, which can lead to unique…

Father’s Day is coming up! For fathers—and father figures—the world over, the day is a way to celebrate the bond they have with their families and to reflect on all the memories they’ve made. If thinking about what your dad means to you brings a warm smile to your face, then why not return the…

Currently, consumers are holding on to their cars for longer periods of time. That means the automotive aftermarket industry is soaring. One area that continues to grow? Paint protection film for vehicles. That might seem counter intuitive; after all, we just mentioned that consumers are keeping their cars for longer, an average of 11.4 years….

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