Alta Mere specializes in high-quality customized window tinting. When it comes to window tinting, our specialists know best. Our in-depth knowledge, hands-on experience, and state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide results that satisfy your individual window tinting demands. Whether a commercial space or personal residence needs window tinting, we have your needs covered. We work on automobiles, too. Unsure how you can benefit from residential, commercial, or auto window tinting? We have the details here.

Benefits of Window Tinting:

Energy Efficient

Whether you need assistance keeping morning and evening commutes glare-free or you want to make your residence or commercial space more energy efficient, window tinting can help. Our window tinting can be custom tailored around your unique aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of film grades and tint colors in an effort to help you find the best window tinting match. Best of all, your new window tinting will better insulate your building, helping you save on energy bills.

Anti-glare & Heat Resistant

Without window tinting, interior car temperatures can get uncomfortably hot in the summer, making your travel experience less than desirable. By the same token, untreated building windows can allow inside temperatures to get too warm for comfort. The solution for these seasonal nuisances? Window tinting services.

Each and every one of our window tinting treatments are designed to preserve the optical clarity of your windows, ensuring your visual experience will remain uncompromised.

For more information about our window tinting services, find an Alta Mere location near you.

FAQs About Window Tinting

Does window tinting inhibit vision?

The darker window tinting material can inhibit your vision at night. This is one reason most states have enacted laws permitting only certain window tinting products be applied. Window tinting material providing a light transmission of 35% or higher generally will not affect vision – day or night. To learn more about the window tinting laws in your state, contact your nearest Alta Mere today!

What causes window tinting to bubble?

Window tinting can bubble due to damaging UV rays and excessive heat build-up affect the adhesive system. You don’t have to worry about this issue with window tinting treatments from Alta Mere, however. The major window tinting manufacturers that we work with have a high-temperature adhesive system and 99% of UV protection capabilities. This allows us to give a manufacturer-backed guarantee against bubbling of window tinting.

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