Paint Protection

Help keep your car looking newer... longer

The first scratch you get on your new car hurts the most. Prevent the pain and keep that new car look a lot longer with paint protection film. A high-gloss, durable, virtually invisible shield is what we provide. Alta Mere's paint protection film literally shields your car from the damages of everyday driving.

Paint Protection is the ultimate defense against road rash - rocks and pebbles; road debris; winter salt and sand. It's protection where you need it the most to keep that new car or new paint job actually looking shiny.

Precision Cut Application

Each Paint Protection film pattern is precision-cut and computer rendered to fit the specific model of your car.

Protection Where You Need It the Most

Alta Mere provides the professional installation needed to do the job right and offers a 5-year warranty to ensure your car will look the same as when you brought it in.

Alta Mere offers a wide range of paint protection packages - on the areas of the car that need it the most.

A La Carte Paint Protection Services

A pillar roof header | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersA pillar roof header
Door Cup | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersDoor Cup
Door egde | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersDoor egde
Door sills | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersDoor sills
Front bumper | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersFront bumper
Full fender | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersFull fender
Full hood | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersFull hood
Headlight kit | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersHeadlight kit
Partial hood | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersPartial hood
Partial hood and mirrors | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersPartial hood and mirrors
Rear splash area | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersRear splash area
Rear wheel impact area | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersRear wheel impact area
Rocker panel kit | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersRocker panel kit
Side mirrors | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersSide mirrors
Trunk hatch | Alta Mere-The Automotive OutfittersTrunk hatch

Learn More Today

Investing in the right paint protection tools is a great way to maintain your vehicle's appearance, preventing scratches, rust, and fading.

To learn more about our car paint protection accessories and services, discover an Alta Mere location near you.

FAQs About Car Paint Protection


Do you have a custom paint protection solution?Every paint protection film pattern is computer generated for the specific model of your car. Additionally, you can custom tailor you protection plan around certain coverage areas of your vehicle.
Can you see the paint protection film on my car?No, the film is not visible to the naked eye. We use a completely clear film that will not change the look of your paint.
What does this paint solution protect against?Rocks, pebbles, road debris, snow-melting chemicals, superficial scratches
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