Is it Time to Move Forward and Get a Backup Camera?


Do you have a backup camera? If you have an old car, probably not. If you’re getting a new car, you soon will.
If all goes as planned, starting May 1, 2018, all new cars sold in the United States will be required to have a backup camera installed. In other words, it has been decided that automobiles are safer with backup cameras than without them.
That begs the question, for any driver who doesn’t own a backup camera: Is it time to buy one for your car?
There’s really only answer: yes. But if you need more convincing, consider these three points.

It’s an issue of safety. If backup cameras are important enough safety features for new cars, it’s important enough for old cars, right? You wouldn’t drive your kids in a vehicle without seatbelts, a rear-view mirror and headlights. Maybe we’re all pushing our luck when we drive without a backup camera?
Sure, it’s easy to imagine some people scoffing, saying, “I’ve driven my entire life without a backup camera, and I’ve lived to tell the tale.”
But some people, outside the car, have not always lived. That’s why collision avoidance cameras have become increasingly popular and – soon – will be mandatory.
In 2010, four years before the NHTSA proposed its rule about the backup cameras in cars, a report showed that annually, 15,000 people are injured when a vehicle backs up into them – and 210 people die. Most at risk are children under the age of five and adults over 70. Certainly, if you have young kids in your household, or an aging parent living with you, you should strongly consider getting a backup camera. But even if you’re single, you have to ask yourself – do you occasionally visit a family member’s home with young children? And the concern isn’t just little kids and aging parents. Do you or friends or family have a pet, who might easily one day scamper behind your car?
Nothing is foolproof. When you have a backup camera, you still have to be an alert driver, but you’re much less likely to have a close call, or worse, if you have one installed in your car. Think of it this way. When your mom told you she had eyes in the back of her head, that was just wishful thinking. A backup camera in the car gives you that power.

They aren’t that expensive. For the peace of mind, the price of a backup camera is a pretty decent bargain.  Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters specializes in the installation of collision avoidance technology, all for affordable prices.
And for the price of a backup camera, you may save money in other ways – you just won’t know it. What do we mean? Well, think of the occasional trees, walls and cars that you might have otherwise backed up into and had a collision with, or the bicycles and tricycles you might have crushed on the driveway. You may save some serious wear and tear and damage on your car and your kids’ toys by having a backup camera.

Back-up cameras may also reduce your insurance premiums. They may not, of course. We aren’t insurance agents. Still, talk with your agent. Often premiums come down, whether we’re talking your car, home or health insurance, when the consumer takes steps to make themselves safer.
But, look, even if a backup camera doesn’t save you tons of money, it may help save a life. That alone makes a backup camera something that every driver should consider buying. Some auto purchases are difficult – should I buy the car that makes me feel younger, or the one that makes me look cooler? But this purchase should be an easy decision.
Be sure to check with your local Alta Mere professional for more information about how you can increase the safety of you and others with the installation of collision avoidance cameras.


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