Tips and Tools for a Safe and Pleasant Summer Vacation Car Trip

Kids playing in the car

Tips and Tools for a Safe and Pleasant Summer Vacation Car Trip.

Summer is the time of the year that many families plan their vacations, often involving long car trips to the beach, mountains or national attractions. This may include several hours together in the car, which can be a great bonding experience or a situation that can lead to boredom and fights.

Professionals with Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters can provide you with some of the top driver safety products and auto accessories to make that long summer trip a safe and enjoyable one. Here are some of their top suggestions:

  1. Be Safe on the Road – Alta Mere offers a complete selection of driver safety products such as text/cell phone blocking, Bluetooth systems, blind spot indicators and collision avoidance cameras. These will help prevent distractions and keep your eyes on the road while making you aware of what is around you.
  2. Stay Cool – There are several ways you can reduce the heat coming into your car and stay comfortable while traveling. Alta Mere offers window tinting services that can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s rays and greatly reduce interior surface temperatures. Remote car starters can start your car and its air conditioning system minutes before you get in, making it nice and cool when you are ready to go.
  3. Keep everyone entertained – This is a great time to add audio/visual accessories to enhance the driving experience. Listen to your favorite music in style by upgrading your car’s audio and speaker systems. Keep the kids quiet and entertained with built-in mobile monitors that can be installed in several areas in the back seats so they can watch their favorite DVDs to help pass the time.
  4. Protect Your Car’s Exterior – Your car may be exposed to a number of things during a long trip that could damage the outside of the vehicle, whether it be pebbles, road debris, sand or salt air by the beach. Alta Mere’s paint protection services shields your car from the elements with an invisible, precision-cut film, preventing nicks, scratches and other damage to your car’s exterior.

The annual vacation can a great experience for your family, but you will need to do some extra preparation to ensure a safe and enjoyable time while traveling to your summer destination. While you might not be able to prevent every instance of boredom or every fight between your kids, helping them to be occupied and comfortable can go a long way to making it a more enjoyable trip.


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