Waxing versus paint protection seals

paint protection

A new car depreciates by as much as 11 percent once it leaves the dealership lot, according to Edmunds.com, a car buying website. Unfortunately, that percentage will only grow as the years go by. But what can you do as a car owner to combat the value of your vehicle dropping any further? You can try to keep it running well and looking just as good as the day you bought it. But that’s not always easy. In fact, some solutions can be time consuming, like waxing the car regularly.
Luckily, Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters are experts at installing vehicle paint protection that can shield your beloved ride from gravel, scratches and snow salt while also adding to its resale value.
“Seals are more cost-effective than car wax since many come with a warranty.”

Layer of protection
The days of spending weekends applying coat after coat of carnauba wax to a car are over thanks to protective and durable high-gloss film. Unlike traditional car wax, it doesn’t need constant reapplication. Most seals will last anywhere from seven years to the lifetime of the vehicle depending on type and how much care it receives.
Plus, the military and NASCAR use the same type of film seals to shield their vehicles for gravel and other debris, according to XPEL, a paint protection seal manufacturer.
Car wax will add a glossy shine to your paint job and can still be used on most paint protective films to add an extra layer of protection over the film seal. But don’t leave the look of your vehicle to chance by only using coats of carnauba. Paint protection seals, also known as clear bras, are better shields against anything the road or elements throw your way.
While traditional wax protects against bird droppings and dead bugs, a clear bra surrounding the whole of the car or just the front will safeguard your finish and design against all kinds of potential cosmetic damage.
While car wax acts as temporary shield against the elements that will eventually dissolve, a paint protection seal is more like a layer of self-healing skin. The seal takes on scratches and quickly makes them disappear.

Durability and savings
Clear bras can be more cost-effective than car wax since many last for years and come with a warranty. While some basic seal installation packages may cost $300, auto body repair for a large scratch may end up costing $500 with minor ones ranging just below that figure.
Plus, having the seals applied by an authorized and professional installer means no future headaches or worries for you. Getting a seal will let you drive with confidence in the country and the city knowing that rock chips or scraps and scratches from those bad parallel parkers won’t damage your car. Your vehicle will also be safe from any pigeons or falling tree sap that happens to come its way.
In fact, a good paint protection seal will let you drive your vehicle nearly anywhere while keeping its glow that made you fall for your car just like the first time you saw it on the showroom floor.
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