We’re Celebrating National Window Film Day

National Window Film Day

We’re Celebrating National Window Film Day

April 30 is National Window Film Day. We’re pretty excited because one of our signature services is customized automotive window tinting installation. In fact, we can offer different tinting options to suit your preferences and custom cut the window film to fit the size and shape of any vehicle window.

Even our President Peter Baldine is excited. In his words: “National Window Film Day is a perfect time to educate the public on the many benefits of window tinting for our cars, homes or offices. Our professionals at Alta Mere and SmartView can install window tint to fit any customer’s needs while keeping people cooler, protecting against UV rays and saving money in the long run.”

Not sure what the benefits of custom window tinting are? Read on to find out.

Heat reduction.
Window tint can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat and has been proven to greatly reduce interior surface temperatures of a car. The service is especially popular this time of year as drivers look to combat the heat and keep their cars cooler and more comfortable during the hottest days of the summer. This works for your home too and allows you to keep homes and offices cooler. So tinting will help cut down on the air conditioning bill, especially during the hot summer months.

Interior protection.
Window tint reduces the sun’s UV rays that can fade and crack leather seats and dashboards. This protection keeps the car’s interior in better condition for longer, reducing costs to maintain the interior. Just as window tinting protects the interior of a car, it also reduces the exposure of UV rays on drapes, floors and furniture in the inside of homes and offices. But that’s not all, as it blocks out those UV rays, it also reduces glare in your home which means enjoying time at the TV or computer without all the hassle of an obnoxious glare.

National Window Film Day

Protects you from harmful UV rays.
The sun’s UV rays can cause sunburn and skin damage to a car’s passengers exposed to sunlight. Window film protects passengers by reducing up to 99 percent of those harmful UV rays. In fact, window tint is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program. The same goes for the protection you’ll receive for your home or office if you install custom window tinting to help save your skin from harmful UV rays.

Privacy and safety.
A professionally applied window tint deters thieves from targeting a vehicle as personal belongings left inside are less visible. Most thieves know that a vehicle with properly installed window tint makes it more difficult to break through the glass and make a quick getaway.

Protection from storms.
In the event a window is broken by debris from a storm, window tinting acts as a shatter guard to prevent shards of glass from flying across the room inside the building. This is a benefit that becomes increasingly important as we approach the summer storm season.

Celebrate National Window Film Day with us this year by visiting your local Alta Mere. Our team of professionals can help you find a solution for your vehicle, home, or office, that fits your needs.


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