Why You Need Window Film Before Summer


Why You Need Window Film Before Summer

Now that spring, (and April showers!), are officially here, we’re starting to look forward to summer. But with all the wonderful activities the season and fun in the sun bring, there are a few downsides, too. Mainly, there are all those harmful UV rays.

That’s where window film comes in to protect you, your vehicle and your home. How can window tinting do all that?

How window film protects your car:

  • Reduce the heat in your vehicle. We all know the struggle of trying to cool down your car on a blazing hot summer day. When you can’t get your car cool, you’re in for an uncomfortable ride. Window tint has been proven to greatly reduce interior surface temperatures to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Protects interior components. Window tint reduces UV rays that can fade and crack leather seats and dashboards. That keeps the interior of your car looking fresh for longer, reducing your costs to maintain it.
  • Protect passengers from harmful UV rays. Those same UV rays can land you and your passengers with skin damage by sunburn. Window film can reduce up to 99 percent of those harmful UV rays to keep you and your family safe. Window tint is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program.
  • Peace of mind for passengers and belongings. Window tint offers privacy for your passengers while in the vehicle, but it also offers safety and security for your belongings. A professionally applied window tint deters thieves from targeting your vehicle to begin with — your belongings are less visible and most thieves know that a vehicle with properly installed window tint makes it more difficult to break through the glass, preventing a quick getaway.

How window film protects your home:

  • Reduces A/C costs. Harsh UV rays raise the temperature in your home, which in turn raises your A/C costs to counteract those uncomfortably warm temperatures. Window tinting will reduce those rays and help keep your home cooler and your A/C bill down, especially in the hot summer months.
  • Protects you from harmful UV rays. Similar to how window tinting in your car will protect you from harmful UV rays while driving, window film on your home will protect you from those rays while you’re in the comfort of your home. By reducing harmful UV rays by up to 99 percent, your family and your furniture will be protected from damage.
  • Provides protection from storms. Window tinting also acts as a shatter guard for your home. When those summer storms flare up, window tinting solutions will prevent shards from flying everywhere, in case your home takes a direct hit from debris.
  • Increased comfort from reduced glare. We all hate when harsh glare from the sun makes it hard to work on our computers or watch TV. Window tint will reduce glare in your home significantly. Say goodbye to annoying glare forever with window tinting solutions.

Now you know how important window film is for you, your car and your home. Just in time, too, since April 30 is National Window Film Day. This April, stop by your local Alta Mere to talk about window tinting solutions for your home and vehicles to protect you and your family before summer starts.


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