Benefits of a Remote Starter in the Winter

Winter time

Winter mornings can be cold, dark and dreary affairs. While no one cherishes the idea of rolling out of bed and climbing into a freezing cold car, there are steps you can take to making your morning commute a little bit nicer.  Installing a remote starter for your car can benefit your comfort, your car health and even your safety.

Keep Warm
The most noticeable benefit of using a remote car starter is the feeling of a nice, toasty car interior on those bitter-cold mornings. A remote starter can warm up your car for you while you get ready in the morning; that way by the time you make your way outside, you only have to briefly brave the icy winter air before enjoying the comfort of your lovely, warm car.

Improve Long-Term Engine Performance
A remote starter isn’t just beneficial for your personal comfort, it can actually be good for your car’s health, too. By starting your car remotely, you’re not just warming up the car’s interior, you’re warming up the engine itself. Much like the human body, an engine performs best when it is properly prepared. To perform at its peak, oil needs time to heat up as it lubricates the engine before you drive away. Through properly warming up your engine, you may extend the lifespan of the engine. With the remote start, by the time you’re ready for the day, your car will be too.

Increase Safety
Finally, a remote starter can help keep you safe! Because your car has had a chance to warm up a bit, you’ll be able to easily clear off your windshield. Too many people are in a rush in the morning and don’t take the time to properly scrape the ice and snow from their car. According to, this is actually illegal in some states. Driving with obscured vision is unsafe, particularly in icy weather. You won’t be able to see pedestrians and fellow drivers, and you may find yourself involved in a serious accident. By utilizing a remote starter, the ice will begin to melt and wiping off your windshield will take much less time. You’ll be able to quickly get on your way without compromising safety.

In addition, despite the common misconception that using a remote start will make you more susceptible to thieves, you are really quite safe. The remote starter does not unlock your doors, it only starts your engine. You will still need the right key to open the car door and move the transmission into drive. Your running car also indicates that you are close by, which will help keep thieves away.

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