Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Alta Mere


Father’s Day is coming up! For fathers—and father figures—the world over, the day is a way to celebrate the bond they have with their families and to reflect on all the memories they’ve made. If thinking about what your dad means to you brings a warm smile to your face, then why not return the favor this year by getting him a gift worthy of being such a great dad?

This year, we at Alta Mere challenge you to go the extra mile for your dad, and get him a gift he’ll fall in love with. Here are some gift ideas of things dad might appreciate more than a necktie!

1. Paint protection film. Your dad put a lot of money into his car, so something that preserves its cosmetic appeal might be just what he wants! A paint protection film clings to the car, and it takes all of the damage his paint job would suffer if it were unprotected. Nothing hurts worse than the first scratch on a new car, so give your dad some piece of mind, and help him preserve his car’s beauty!

2. Text block device. Giving your dad something that will help keep him safe will show that you care about him in ways another golf club won’t. Distracted driving injures about 430,000 people every year, and kills around 3,000 of those. And at any given moment in the U.S., about 660,000 people are driving and operating a mobile phone or other electronic device. Give your dad the tools to avoid distractions to keep him safe behind the wheel!

3. Bluetooth systems. Having a Bluetooth system installed in his car will make him the king of his own entertainment. With a Bluetooth radio system, for example, he can set up his music before he starts driving, and he could even take phone calls hands-free. Some recent models of cars have this technology built-in, but if dad has been holding out on buying a new car, get him this upgrade to make his driving experience that much better.

4. Remote car starter. In hot or cold regions, a remote car starter could be a luxurious accessory. Dad would be able to heat up or cool down his car ahead of time, instead of having to wait for it to get to a comfortable temperature while he’s driving. This is a safe alternative to starting the car and then going back inside the house, since there’s no key left in the ignition and the doors can remain locked. This can make all the difference when leaving for work, especially when a cold winter morning makes him want to just stay in his warm bed, or a hot seat threatens to burn his backside!

5. Collision Avoidance Camera. These systems aren’t just for luxury cars anymore! They can be installed on the dashboards of many older cars to help monitor surroundings and warn the driver if something comes a bit too close. These systems can use a mixture of cameras and radar to give your dad an extra set of eyes!

Father’s Day is the one day each year where we all get the chance to tell our dads what they’ve meant to us. We’re hoping that within this list of gifts, you’ve found the spark of a gift idea that will make your dad’s heart race. If you need help finding a gift that will be compatible with your dad’s vehicle, your local or online Alta Mere representatives will be there to help you out!


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