Keep Your Home Cool with Window Film

Keep Your Home Cool

Keep Your Home Cool with Window Film.

If you’re anything like us, the intense heat of the long summer is starting to wear you down. You might want to crank the air conditioning as high as it can go, but that would hit your wallet and the environment hard. Luckily, SmartView Window Solutions has the solution to this conflict – with window film, you can finally have the cool home or office you want, without the high energy bills that send your monthly budget out the window!

Experts recommend that window film be applied to exterior windows to save money on energy. According to the United States Department of Energy, window film can reduce energy use by as much as 30 to 50 percent. Window film is much cheaper than replacing your windows or window frames, and it can make an incredible difference in the amount of energy you use cooling and heating your home. According to this article, you could even receive a credit from your insurance company or the federal government for having window film installed on your home or building. In addition to saving you money, window film can reduce your carbon footprint dramatically!

Window film has additional benefits besides its effectiveness at insulating your home or office; some of the most effective films can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays reaching the inside of a building. This prevents significant fading to carpet, furniture, window treatments, walls and hardwood floors caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Window film won’t prevent all damage – unless your rooms are perpetually dark, some UV damage is inescapable – but it can extend the life of your exposed interior by several years.
Window film is also great at protecting you and your family from damaging UV rays. UV light can damage skin cells and you can even get sunburn through unprotected windows. By preventing that light from coming in, you can stop a lot of skin damage before it has a chance to occur! The Skin Cancer Foundation endorses window film as a way of preventing the development of skin cancer.

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, and no one wants work to be any less comfortable. Prevent the insane heat and energy bills with a single fix, and finally make your living and working spaces comfortable! Contact your local SmartView Window Solutions representative to have a consultation and get your home custom fitted with window film.


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