Moran Family of Brands announced its annual Franchisees of the Year, an award voted on by fellow franchise owners throughout the system. These franchisees have set the bar high for their peers through their consistent effort and unyielding commitment to excellence. So, what’s their secret? We caught up with Alta Mere Franchisee of the Year Randy Durham of Plano, TX to find out what sets his business apart.
Randy was an engineer in his prior career, and he always enjoyed working on cars. His desire to own a business is what spurred him to look at franchising to begin with, and when he was introduced to Alta Mere, he found a business that fit both his preferences and his community’s needs. Randy was impressed by the model of a store that sold automotive accessories that could outfit a car from top to tires, and he was impressed by the product offerings. He felt it was a great business opportunity, and Randy never looked back.
Randy thinks what differentiates his shop from others in the industry is his approach to running the business. According to Randy, his business kicked into overdrive when he took a much more active role in the daily operations. He’s in his store every day of the week, and his additional hours spent have allowed his business to grow. He’s a leader in the Alta Mere system in sales of everything from window tinting to 12-volt items.
Randy’s store was also helped by the Alta Mere rebranding that took place in his store in the spring of 2015. He said this step was key in helping customers see displays and easily find what they were looking for, leading to higher sales in 2016. This trend continued into 2017, and shows no sign of stopping.
“We offer great service, and that earns us consistent positive reviews,” said Randy. “We treat the customer how we would want to be treated, because it’s the right way to do things, and it just so happens that this policy brings back customers.”
Randy has taken his success and turned it into something that benefits others in his franchise system. He serves as a mentor to other Alta Mere owners, helping new franchisees with their initial store setup and openings. He feels that as a successful, longtime franchisee, he has a responsibility to others in his system to help them when they need it.
Randy feels proud of the business he’s built and how he gives back to the franchise system.
“The feeling of accomplishment is probably my favorite part of franchising with Moran Family of Brands,” said Randy. “Knowing that I built this Alta Mere store and played a role in determining its success gives me a great feeling of pride in what I have accomplished.”
Randy has benefited from the advice of his fellow franchisees, and he’s proud to be able to pass along what he’s been given. Alta Mere gave Randy an opportunity to shine as a new business owner in 2003, and after more than a decade of successful business, Randy has earned the title “Franchisee of the Year” twice in the last four years.
Congratulations to Randy and the other winners of this annual recognition. They will travel to Washington, D.C. to receive their awards at the International Franchise Association dinner on September 12.
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