Staying Safe on Halloween



Alta Mere offers a few tips to keep everyone safe on Halloween.

Halloween is the epitome of a holiday made for kids. Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating and gathering candy – these are the things kids look forward to all year. But with all those children running around in the dark, Halloween can get dangerous. In some neighborhoods, parents drive their kids from house to house and there are other cars that are on the roads in residential areas. To keep others safe, this is a great time to look into some products that will help you focus on the road and pedestrians around you. Here are some features you can find at your local Alta Mere that will keep you and the neighborhood kids safe and happy!

Headlight restoration | If you have trouble seeing what’s in front of your car at night, you should consider restoring your headlights! Kids don’t always understand the rules of the road, and many costumes can be darkly-colored. Instead of trusting the kids in your neighborhood to watch for cars, make sure you’re able to see any potentially reckless children far in advance!

Blind spot indicators | There’s nothing you can do to compensate for your blind spots when driving. Or is there? If you have a blind spot indicator from Alta Mere, you’ll know exactly who and what is around your car at any given time. These are a great help, especially since young children can quickly run away from the safety of their parents.

Collision avoidance cameras | Collision avoidance cameras surround your vehicle, and elicit warning noises when you get too close to an obstacle. This can be a big help on narrow neighborhood roads or when navigating through throngs of children.

Text-blocking device | No matter what is happening, when you’re driving, your focus should always be on the road. To help you concentrate on driving safely, use a text-blocking device. This will eliminate the distraction of your phone until you’ve made it to your destination!

Halloween is a lot of fun for everyone, but getting behind the wheel can be risky. Use these tools, available at your local Alta Mere, to keep yourself and others safe this Halloween!


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