The Growing Industry of Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Currently, consumers are holding on to their cars for longer periods of time. That means the automotive aftermarket industry is soaring. One area that continues to grow? Paint protection film for vehicles.

That might seem counter intuitive; after all, we just mentioned that consumers are keeping their cars for longer, an average of 11.4 years. But in reality, the growing market for paint protection film is a direct effect of this consumer trend with their automobiles. Since people are holding on to their cars for longer, they’re eager to make sure those vehicles can last. That trend includes performance and appearance.

Also take into account that the strengthening economy has placed more expendable income in the hands of consumers. Many of those consumers are choosing to use that money on upgrading their vehicles, and individuals who purchase that new car expect it to last them for years to come. Therefore, they want to protect their vehicle from rocks, scratches and paint fading. They are increasingly turning to aftermarket paint protection film to ensure the appearance of their vehicle is top-notch over the coming years without spending more money on paint & dent repair services. The quality of paint protection film has come along way over the years and professional installation insures a great appearance and protection for your vehicle.

In fact, more consumers are seeing paint protection as a vital addition to their new vehicles as well as adding it to existing vehicles they intend to keep and want to insure a good appearance. Since consumers are viewing their vehicle purchases as major investments, they feel a need for additional protection to keep it in good shape and looking good. Furthermore, individuals aren’t seeing paint protection as a luxury addition, anymore. Middle class consumers are asking for the service more and more, and demand for the service is up across the board.

That is precisely why the industry for paint protection film has experienced phenomenal year-over-year growth within the past five years. This growth is something we predict will continue in the coming years leading to more business for automotive aftermarket establishments.


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