Summer Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car Gleaming

 Car Care

Summer brings constant threats to your vehicle’s clean exterior and interior. The heat isn’t the only thing that seeks to destroy the upkeep you perform on your vehicle — UV rays, insects and other hazards unique to summer are all conspiring to damage your car’s finish. To fight off all these harmful elements, you’ll need a special set of tools and tasks. Keep your paint job sparkling and your upholstery dust- and stain-free through the challenges of summer conditions with these tips.

Tip 1: Wash Your Car Frequently

Dirt, pollen and other environmental contamination begins to swirl more densely during the summer. There’s evidence that smog becomes more persistent and prevalent during the warmer months. Additionally, tree sap that lands on your car from growing trees could harden and adhere to your car’s exterior. This could completely ruin your paint job in the affected areas. You should wash your car frequently to prevent a build-up of damaging substances on your vehicle. Key tip: Never wash or wax your car under direct sunlight, or if the paint is hot to the touch. Heat can soften the paint and make it more susceptible to scratching, which defeats the purpose of washing and waxing your car at all. To preserve your car’s paint job and finish, you can also use paint protection film from your local Alta Mere.

Tip 2: Use Window Tinting

A sun shade or window film can do more than control the temperature in your car and keep you from getting sunburned. When sunlight streams through your windows, your vehicle’s interior ends up being exposed to UV rays that can gradually break down the upholstery and bleach the color from it. This is significant damage, but it won’t be noticeable until it’s much too late. It won’t always be possible to find a spot under shade to park your car, so investing in window film, like the services offered at Alta Mere, which can protect your car’s interior no matter what the conditions outside are like.

Tip 3: Dust Frequently

Frequent dusting can prevent the interior of your car from becoming stained and worn away with the dust, dirt and pollen that can come in through your car’s intake system. Take a damp microfiber cloth and a mild cleaning spray to clean the non-porous surfaces in your car often. Many auto care companies also make sprays specifically for certain types of interior, like leather. You can also use a small vacuum – many gas stations have them – to vacuum up dust and dirt from your floorboards. This will go a long way to keeping your car’s interior pristine, which will help prevent dirt from settling into your upholstery and staining it permanently.

Tip 4: Check Your Air Filters Like It’s Your Job

Your car needs its air filters to be running properly, especially as the weather becomes warmer, because any obstruction to clear airflow around your car’s engine can put it at risk of overheating. You can clean your own air filter, by vacuuming it while it’s dry, and then using a wet cloth to gently remove any larger debris.

Tip 5: Clean Under the Hood

This might be something you’ve never thought of, but taking a moment to clean the components under the hood can extend their lives as well. You can do this with a damp – never soaked – cloth, making sure not to get any electrical components wet. As you wipe away dust, dirt and debris, look for build-up of white, crusty substances around things like your battery. This can indicate a hazardous leakage of fluid.

Taking care of your car is key to its longevity. To find out more about what you can do to maintain your car’s interior and exterior during the summer with services like paint protection and window tinting, visit your local Alta Mere.


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