The Growth of 12 Volt Products in the Automotive Aftermarket

Back Camera

We’ve seen a rise in the overall automotive aftermarket industry in recent years. But an interesting trend within the automotive accessories market is the rise of customers purchasing 12-volt products for their vehicles. Concerned parents, especially, are leading the charge in purchasing products, such as backup safety cameras and remote starters.

Backup safety cameras and other safety products for vehicles have seen a steady rise in recent years. As costs for these accessories have fallen, customers are finding their benefits even more attractive. These cameras help drivers reduce their blind spots while backing up by an average of 90 percent. This, in turn, helps customers avoid collisions in parking lots, driveways and on the road every day. For working parents especially, the ability to have an extra set of eyes for safety while backing up is extremely valuable. In fact, it is predicted that from 2012 to 2020 use of backup safety cameras will rise five fold.

Another automotive aftermarket accessory on the rise? Remote starters for vehicles. The added convenience for customers without loss of safety is leading the charge for the rise of sales on remote starters. This accessory, usually paired with a security system in aftermarket installation, provides users with optimal comfort by allowing owners to start their cars remotely while their vehicle remains locked. Working mothers and fathers can start their vehicles from their homes to allow time for it to warm up during the winter and cool down during the summer to keep the whole family comfortable and safe.

We are poised to take advantage of this growth of 12-volt products in a big way. Whether a customer wants the basics or desires something that comes equipped with the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, Alta Mere has the perfect solution. Our automotive aftermarket accessories are sure to satisfy the needs of any potential customer.


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